Products & Services

We provide a wide range of off-the-shelf and customised orthotic and prosthetic products, as well as home nursing equipment. If you have any questions regarding our products and services below, or which ones you require, reach out to us and we will gladly assist.


Orthoses, or braces, are externally fitted devices that assist or block the movement of limbs. These devices are used to improve mobility, prevent injury, reduce pain, immobilise injured limbs and correct any misalignment. High quality, pre-manufactured or custom made orthotic products can be used to effectively rehabilitate or prevent injuries. 

Custom innersoles

One of Sarel’s many areas of expertise lie within the creation of custom innersoles. He uses gait analysist to analyse patients’ gait and determine which corrective measures need to be taken. Thereafter, he creates customer innersoles, to the specific degree, to correct any misalignment, pronation or anti-pronation of feet. 

Neck braces

We provide a wide range of neck braces, including soft collar, Philadelphia neck collar and Miami J neck collar braces.

Ankle & knee braces

Our ankle and knee brace offerings include Knee Range of Motion (ROM) braces, hinged knee braces, patella stabilising knee braces, Iliotibial Band (ITB) braces, foam walkers (moonboots) and speed braces. 

Back braces

We provide Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) braces, Miami J Lumbar back braces, Crusiform Anterior Spinal Hyperextension (C.A.S.H) braces and Lumbar corsets. 


We provide a wide range of Anti-Embolism Stockings (TED), compression stockings and flight stockings. 

Other braces

We supply a variety of other braces including wrist braces, elbow Range of Motion (ROM) braces, posture braces, Humerus fracture braces, thumb spicas, arm immobiliser slings and Mallet finger splints. 


After the unfortunate loss of limbs, prosthetics provide new mobility and confidence to our patients. We use a combination of high-quality materials, good design, correct alignment and meticulous construction to ensure prostheses that fit well and suit our patients’ needs. Sarel has extensive experience in constructing and fitting custom prostheses, including:

Knee prostheses

We develop carbon fibre below knee, through knee and above knee prostheses with high precision. 

Arm prostheses

We build carbon fibre arm prostheses, which boosts a patient’s reach and confidence post-amputation.  

Breast prostheses

We provide high quality, excellently fitted breast prostheses post-mastectomy. 

Cosmetic garments and home nursing equipment

Following cosmetic surgery, we provide high quality post-operative garments, to optimise the outcomes of the procedure and assist the healing process. 

Liposuction garments

We provide superior quality chin, arm, upper back, lower back, stomach/ abdominal, upper thigh, and knee garments. 

Post breast augmentation garments

We provide a wide range of post-breast augmentation bras, for added support and post-operative recovery. 

Home nursing equipment

We rent out and sell various home nursing equipment items, including crutches, walking aids, wheelchairs, commodes, toilet seat raisers, shower curtains, ring cushions, eggshell mattresses, urine bottles, bedpans, sheepskin, and more.